About Us

Bike Rent NYC is the official bike rental company of New York City Parks. With 12 locations positioned across Manhattan, we are the most convenient biking service in the city.

Tune in here to learn what makes New York City unique. We love New York City, and we want you to as well. So we’re committed to informing you of some of the many things that make this city great.

When the summer’s blazing sun sets behind the cement stalks sharply rising out of this hallowed ground you will experience what can only be described as the sublime. That singular emotion that fills you with something approximating a sense of fear. Not the gratuitous fear one feels in a movie theater, but the slow, creeping crawl that rises from the toes to fingers and instills something in you that makes you better understand the human condition.

We will tell you where to see that blazing sun from.

Have a gander and taste the fruits of the city.